*An mp3 audio file of the protest songbook radio program
me (75 mins) is available to download - click here

Protest Songbook
A project by Big Hope: Miklós Erhardt & Dominic Hislop.

Project Description:
Big Hope: Miklos Erhardt and Dominic Hislop, recorded telephone interviews with New York based artist Martha Rosler, Glasgow based artist Ross Birrell and Torino based political activist Elio Gilardi,
about the connections between music, art and political engagement, as part of a radio programme broadcast on Radio Helsinki in Graz. Edited versions of those interviews were compiled for Romanian art magazine, 'IDEA'. Those excerpts can be read by clicking on the relevant name above or in the left column. The full interview transcripts can be read from links on those pages. An interview with Rhode Island based musician, Geoff Farina has also been added.
An archive of public contributions (by e-mail and from a gallery exhibition - shown above -at Rotor in Gra
z) of protest songs and views on the topic can be viewed here: Song Archive

A PDF file of the pages made for IDEA Magazine, Romania, can be downloaded. Layout by Oliver Schneider, Berlin.

Installation and Opening performance at 'Balkon Konsulat' exhibition.

A variety of 'protest songs' (collected from an open e-mail call for entries) were assembled on 'placards' placed in beer crates around an informal 'stage'. An acoustic guitar was left so that visitors might be encouraged to take the 'stage' and try to play some of the songs themselves. A radio programme broadcast on
Radio Helsinki featuring music and phone interviews with some political activists: Elio Gilardi (from Torino Disobbedienti), artists: Martha Rosler (New York) & Ross Birrell (Glasgow) and musicians: Janos Veto (Budapest) about the above mentioned topic was available to be listened to as a sound file on a computer near the installation. A street performance of some of the songs adapted to acoustic guitars on pedestrian streets in the centre of Graz was made and documented on video. Other songs were played on the 'stage' on the opening night.

Thanks to everyone who has sent a contribution to the song archive, Rotor organisation and staff (Margarethe, Anton, Sabine) Radio Helsinki (Manfred, Leo & Gudrun) Manamana: (Tibor Varnagy) and Judit Angel. Thanks to Oliver Schneider for the layout in IDEA magazine.

Street Performance of suggested Protest Songs.

This project was exhibited as a representation of the Hungarian paper, Manamana

Radio Helsinki