Diving Jesus
Untitled - Doormats
I've Forgotten What I Wanted to Say
Movement Detectors are in Operation in This Building

Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Border Guard Dog
Waltzer Star
Ich Muss Draussen Bleiben
Michael Jordan Mannequin
Fairground Lights
Sweetie Wrapper

Catalogues of Disaster
It Doesn't Matter
Free From Hope
Because I Say So
Untitled - Adler
Nike / Neki
Tower of Power
Catalogues of Distaster (1)
Untitled - Goals

Nem Vaglak Pofan / I'm Not Going To Hit You
Shite / Sajt
Piece of Piss


World Class
Dove Tower
National Selection
Untitled - Lightsign

Untitled - Concrete
Wheel of Fortune
Good Intention
Untitled - Warehouse Installation
Untitled - Concrete