Dominic Hislop was born and grew up in Scotland, studied art at colleges in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Baltimore. He lived in Budapest, Hungary for 2 years (1996-98) where he made a number of site-specific street interventions and initiated Big Hope, a collaborative project group formed together with Miklos Erhardt. Big Hope were active until 2005 creating participative projects that aimed to investigate a social issue pertinent to the local context in which they were to be exhibited (e.g. urban demographic shifts, alternative economies, immigration), and employed dialogue and creative participation by ‘non-artists’ as part of the project’s process. The projects often culminated in the setting up of a particular event, public intervention or exhibition, using interdisciplinary installations that included wall painting, sculpture, photography, video and interactive new media.

Hislop’s recent solo output has followed and developed this engaged and documentary tendency, but has also consisted of works that take a turn towards more personal reflections on political issues using performance to camera, autobiographic text or digitally manipulated photo collage, often incorporating references from his interest in music.

Individual and group works have been exhibited in 2009 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Caracas // 2007 at Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen // 2006 Apexart, New York // 2005 Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel // 2004 Akademie der Künste, Berlin; Goethe Institute, Budapest; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin // 2003 SparwasserHQ, Berlin // 2002 Torino Bieniale of Young Art, Turin // 1999 Moderna Museum, Stockholm; Tramway, Glasgow.

He currently lives and works in Berlin and Edinburgh.