Collaborative group projects by: Miklos Erhardt, Dominic Hislop & Elske Rosenfeld
1998 - 2006
  Monopoly Rules Iaşi
Miklos Erhardt & Elske Rosenfeld, 2006
An oversized model of a classic Monopoly game that can be played following different sets of instructions developed by local teenagers.
The resulting instruction sheets and a video inset into the table, which documents the kids' discussion of their rules, illustrate the teenagers' perception of economic structures as well as creating alternative, utopian and sometimes absurd playable economic systems.

Klubtours Heide-Nord
Dominic Hislop & Elske Rosenfeld, 2006
Since the fall of the wall in 1989, Heide-Nord – a small housing estate on the outskirts of Halle has experienced population shrinkage and house demolition. Through a series of workshops, a guided tour of the area based on personal experiences and perspectives was prepared and conducted by young people from the local youth club. (In German only).


Dreigroschenvideo / Threepenny Video
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2004
A two video installation documenting workshops held in Budapest - one with a group of homeless people and the other with a group of business people. Participants react to selected film scenes and quotes from Bertolt Brecht's satirical critiques of decayed capitalism from the 1920/30s and relate the depictions of character types and society to their own specific experiences and to the contemporary global economic situation.


Miklos Erhardt, Dominic Hislop & Elske Rosenfeld, 2003-05
A large scale game like structure consisting of found objects and instruction cards contained within a series of boxes. Through brief interactions and contributions that represent symbolically the ideas of various alternative economic systems, participants can expand and sustain the game's content for future players.

  Protest Songbook
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2003
An inquiry into the connections between visual art, musical creativity and political engagement, taking the form of an installation and performance and a radio discussion programme.

Talking About Economy
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2003
A dialogue about economy and work with 10 economic players from the industrial 'newtown' of Dunaujvaros, in Hungary and the German capital, Berlin. Subsequently
exhibited in Dunaujvaros, Leipzig, Budapest, Vienna.


Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2002
Documentation of a dialogue between an Italian leftist political group and a Hungarian equivalent. Fragments of the Italian 'Disobbedienti' group's meeting space were recreated with wall paintings in the gallery.


Random Histories
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2002
An exchange between visiting tourists and the local population of Zadar, Croatia, providing an insight into spaces in the city.


Knocking on the Palace Door
Dominic Hislop & Association Diafa Al Maghreb, Turin, 2002
Videos and drawings made in collaboration with 8 youths from Maghreb, living in Turin, Italy.


Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2002
A participative project to create an alternative map of the city of Turin, Italy, illustrated with photographs, sketches and text, based on the view and experiences of recent immigrants.


Points of Departure
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2002
A public artpiece with large graphic alphabetical letters taken from local logos installed on the outside of a circular museum building on the contentious 'Square for the Victims of Fascism' in Zagreb, Croatia. An English version was painted on the walls inside the gallery.


Big Hope
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 2000
Exhibition of objects, videos and photographs on a theme of corrupted utopias.



Dominic Hislop & Ross Birrell, 1999
Public artwork and book documenting dialogues with young non-voters in and around Glasgow, before the first new Scottish parliament elections, 1999.

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Sajat Szemmel/Inside Out
Miklos Erhardt & Dominic Hislop, 1998
A collaborative dialogue and photographic project with groups of homeless in Budapest, Hungary, culminating in two exhibitions, a series of postcards and a web site.

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